Gazette du Bon Ton, no. 10, 1921, croquis XVI Apart from the glittering flapper dresses, a softer more romantic style was also in vogue during the 1920s. Made especially popular by Jean Patou (whose ensemble with beaded jacket you can see below) and Jeanne Lanvin, these styles differed from the quintessential flapper only in choice of fabric and decoration; their shape was essentially the same. A cylindrical, boyish cut, with a fuller skirt starting at the hips. Every dress pictured below features a floral accent. Silk and chiffon flowers were especially popular decorations for dresses on the hips, shoulders, and skirts. Pale pastel colors like light green, peachy-pink, and cream were all the rage.

Another popular, and somewhat bizarre, trend throughout the 1920s was the robe de style popularized by Jeanne Lanvin. This dress, as pictured below, featured a very full skirt coming from the hips, unlike the boxy-boyish cut of most dresses in the 1920s. These robe de styles were probably inspired by late 18th century french garments, reminding the modern viewer of Little-bo-Peep.

All the dresses below are made of flowing, diaphanous, fabrics and decorated with floral accents – whether beaded or attached silks. Dresses like these illustrate that while the boyish figure was being popularized, there was still an emphasis on femininity in many fashion designs.


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